We Made It!!!

Вітаємо Вітер! Our Viter tour has officially begun and after a long day of travel, all of our members have safely arrived in Ukraine, where they were greeted in the Lviv airport by our "early arrivals" or "welcoming committee" as they called themselves (those who arrived several days prior to the rest of the group), with delicious bread, vodka, and song.  Many tired but excited people loaded onto our blue and yellow buses and departed towards our first stop, the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, where we will reside for the next four nights, and complete our first performance. In our short 2.5 hour commute we encountered a traffic accident (which our drivers expertly maneuvered two huge buses around by jumping the curb), road construction and a detour through the village of Рогати (Rohaty), and hundreds of escapee cows running down the road while being chased by babas carrying sticks (just picture that). 

We arrived at our accommodations "Nadiya Hotel" and noticed as we pulled into the parking lot that the theatre we will be performing in is right beside the hotel - we also noticed the first advertisement for our show! How exciting to pull into a strange new city only to see ourselves plastered across the theatre on a giant banner! After checking in, everyone quickly freshened up and we enjoyed our first group dinner with some incredible live bandura music. Tomorrow we will take a tour of this new city and reunite with our band, Darmohrai, for rehearsal before our show on Wednesday. 

We are so excited to finally have arrived in Ukraine and can't wait to start exploring and experiencing this beautiful country!