Day 8: The Second Day of #OCUF 2018

An early morning tech rehearsal at the festival helped start off day 8 of our tour! 


We were then given some free time to explore downtown Ottawa, where a few members of the choir sang "O Canada" on Parliament Hill in 3 different languages - Ukrainian, French, and English!  

Some members spent time in the market, bought souvenirs, or enjoyed delicious Beaver Tails! 

We then made our way back to the festival for another performance! After performing, we received many compliments from the audience about our energy, emotion, and presentation. They especially loved our "Vyazanka" ensemble piece! Many people were dancing and singing along to the sounds of Viter. 


Some members ventured back to the festival grounds for the zabava on Saturday night, and handed out Viter tattoos to those attending the festival! Soon there were many people proudly sporting a Viter tattoo at the festival, even some of the volunteers had them on! Viter definitely left a lasting impression on the crowd.