Day 7: #OCUF2018

The day started off with an early morning departure from Philadelphia to Ottawa fir the Capital Ukrainian Festival. The ensemble took advantage of the 7 hour bus ride to catch up on some sleep, proving that Viter could be quiet for more than a few minutes! Following a long wait at the border, we arrived back in Canada!

After a quick check in at the hotel and a chance to freshen up (we had 20 minutes to become show ready), we were on our way to make our debut at the festival! The choir was first up at the Folk Stage and, as usual, captivated the audience with their music. Choir members sold CDs throughout the festival (email for your own copy of a Viter Folk Songs CD or Koliada CD) and handed out tattoos to those attending the festival. 

As the night turned to dusk, "Hey Sokoly" and "Hopak" were performed, as well as a few choir songs on the main stage. Viter definitely "wowed" the audience as we had not one, but TWO standing ovations at the end of Hopak. 

It was a phenomenal start to the festival weekend. We are excited to see what day 2 has in store!