Viter in Budapest

We have been very busy with our travels. We arrived in Budapest on July 7 in the evening after visiting the city of Pecs where we saw a beautiful cathedral and exquisite architecture. By 8:00 we arrived in Budapest and went to the vista of the city to see the entire lay of the land. We then had a wonderful Italian dinner as a group and went back to the hotel for a good sleep.

July 8th saw the group touring the city and saw the parliament buildings, a beautiful cathedral (St. Stephen's Basilica) and the Milenium Square (Hero Square). The group spent the afternoon shopping or at the thermal pools and then met up with the Troyanda Dancers at the Csarna Restaurant for a traditional Hungarian dinner and entertainment. Troyanda performed and the Hungarian musicians and dancers enhanced an already entertaining evening. Whether winding through the crowds in a folk dance style or dazzling everyone with a gypsy routine, Viter entertained. The girls demonstrated their ability to balance a carafe of wine on their heads and Nick H and Mitchell showed their ability to stay balanced even while blindfolded. 

Today we were back on the bus and visited Eger and Godollo. Both cities had beautiful castles and palaces with the latter featuring a gorgeous garden.  

We have had a little rain over the past two days but it hasn't dampened our spirits. All is well as a number of us board a river cruise tonight. Tomorrow we are off to Vienna!