Viter at the Djakovo Festival

After touring the city and catching the sites of the town, the group blew away the audience with a spectacular performance!  We watched the Troyanda Dancers from Winnipeg as they performed in an unexpected downpour of rain.  After meeting several of the performers we headed back to our hotel for a very early morning where we showed off our new banner and danced to an enthusiastic crowd who lined the streets of the parade route. After the parade we headed back to the stage for another crowd who cheered wildly to our Hopak!

Trevor and Laura represented Viter in the Beautuful Costume Pageant and qualified for the finals. Tonight we will watch them as they strut their stuff and explain their Hutzul and Transcarpathian costumes. We will let you know how they do.  

Everyone is healthy and having a great time. Tomorrow we are off to Budapest and look forward to more adventures in a new country! 


Viter at the Cathedral in Dakovo


Ready for the parade. Savannah McLean and Lauren Dzenick carried our banner and Tasha donned a Buko costume and joined the dancers.