Viter in Concert with Special Guests Dzvin and Prometheus! 

Viter Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir, along with special guests Dzvin Ukrainian Male Folk Choir and Prometheus Ukrainian Male Chorus of Philadelphia, invite you to take part in an evening of traditional song, dance, and storytelling. Prepare to be blown away!

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In its over twenty year history, Viter has aimed to infuse the folk art of traditional Ukrainian dance and song with modern themes.  Our vibrant presentations preserve traditional Ukrainian cultural elements while introducing a contemporary flair.  Our group of choristers and musicians interact with the dancers, creating an entertaining and harmonious blend of storytelling.

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 Photo credit: Nina Karpoff

Photo credit: Nina Karpoff

The Viter Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir have taken their place among the major performing ensembles of Canada, by infusing the folk art of traditional Ukrainian dance and song with a modern flair.

The History of Viter

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Viter brings together talented young dancers, exciting choristers and experienced musicians to create a harmonious blend of storytelling through song and dance.  Meet our accomplished artistic team that works tirelessly to bring Viter's work to the stage and community.

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